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Hudson River Rafting

With some of the best whitewater east of the Rocky Mountains, the Hudson River Gorge offers incredible Adirondack rafting with more than 17 miles of stunning natural beauty close to Lake George, Lake Placid and Saratoga. 

From Lake Tear of the Clouds high in the Adirondack Mountains, to the busy harbors of New York City, the Hudson River courses through New York State, defining the landscape and attracting whitewater rafters from around the world. The Hudson River Gorge, located in upstate New York's Adirondacks region, is where the power of the river flowing off the mountains has carved out 500-foot granite cliffs. Adding to its natural power, periodic dam releases from Lake Abanakee make conditionals idea for 17+ miles of whitewater rafting. 

Discover the awesome and varied landscape of the Adirondacks as you paddle along canyon walls and past waterfalls offering views of distant Adirondack High Peaks. Glimpse blue heron and bald eagles, and enjoy a truly unforgettable New York whitewater rafting trip down the mighty – and majestic – Hudson River. Each season lends a different rafting experience, so choose the one that's right for you, or come and experience all three with us. 


During the springtime thaw, the Hudson River becomes a swirling torrent of Class III, IV, and V rapids. Prepare for some for the most intense rapids you will experience along the Hudson River Gorge! Don a wetsuit, practice your paddling rhythm and join our experience and licensed guides for a thrilling ride down the mighty Hudson. Adventure Sports Rafting offers "Big Water" trips and wetsuit rentals so you can experience the incredible thrill of the Hudson River's powerful whitewater.


Summer is peak season for Hudson River rafting. Spring's rushing rapids have calmed slightly, offering a thrilling ride with warmer temperatures. Families should plan for Class II , III , and IV rapids depending on current river levels. Enjoy the stunning beauty of the Adirondacks in full summer bloom, and delight in the camaraderie of spending an afternoon on the river with rapids, swimming holes, and a scenic lunch.


Fall rafting conditions are similar to those found in the summer months – with the exception of the landscape. Raft along a colorful forest decked out in full fall foliage regalia. Class III and IV rapids are the most common. Later in the whitewater rafting season, keep your eyes peeled for migrating birds and foraging wildlife. Fall is a great time for families with pre-teens to experience a whitewater rafting trip down the Hudson River through the most beautiful foliage on Earth!


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